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Single Extension, SLOW MOTION, With Catch 500mm
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Single Extension, SLOW MOTION, With Catch 500mm

Rp99,200.00 Rp97,200.00

Benefits for the consumer :
•Smooth functioning thanks to new generation of wheel design.
•Lasting quality thanks to optimised materials .
•Hidden assembly for high quality perception of the whole cabinet.
•Adaptive SlowMotion damping for noiseless closing.
•High-end OneTouch handleless operation.

Benefits for the industry :
•Large range of standard depths from 250 to 500 mm.
•Small extraction loss due to compact build.
•Very tolerant due to built in flexibility.
•New Generation of SlowMotion damping with stop-close feature and FinalRelease feature to always guarantee silent drawer closure even under adverse conditions.
•Simple Plug-In assembly for ease of manufacturing.
•Comfortable large wheel height adjusment.
•Integrated optional anti-lift feature.
•Excellent load ability with 25kg dynamic standard capacity throughout the range.

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