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Single Extension, NON SLOW MOTION, With Catch 300mm
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  • Runner-PE-SM-EF
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Single Extension, NON SLOW MOTION, With Catch 300mm

Rp54,000.00 Rp50,900.00

Benefits for the consumer :
•Smooth functioning thanks to new generation of wheel design.
•Lasting quality thanks to optimised materials .
•Hidden assembly for high quality perception of the whole cabinet.
•High-end OneTouch handleless operation.

Benefits for the industry :
•Large range of standard depths from 250 to 500 mm.
•Small extraction loss due to compact build.
•Very tolerant due to built in flexibility.
•Simple Plug-In assembly for ease of manufacturing.
•Comfortable large wheel height adjusment.
•Integrated optional anti-lift feature.
•Excellent load ability with 25kg dynamic standard capacity throughout the range.

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