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Domino S / 2 Door / 2M
  • Domino-S-2D
  • Domino-S-2D-b
  • Domino-S-2D-a
  • Rel-Bawah-Domino-S
  • Rel-Atas-Domino-S
  • Domino-S-2D-c

Domino S / 2 Door / 2M

Rp402,900.00 Rp376,500.00

Technical specifications:
• Solution for 2 sliding doors, lower roller truck version
• Application with bar on the cabinet front
• Special roller doors application
• Integrated safety stops and anti-lift features
• Door weight up to 50kg
• Optional SlowMotion technology for controlled and silent closing

SKU: B59.0DM2.07.S00.0000 Category:

With Domino, Formenti & Giovenzana, is adding another opening alternative for cabinet doors into their range. The focus for this development was on the quality of the solution, whilst keeping cost in mind. The Caimi technology is integrated within the FGV offer to guarantee a high quality product meeting every market request. The result is a sliding door range with state-of-the-art features at affordable prices. A full range of applications for coplanar, sliding and folding door systems with a SlowMotion damping device in a very compact un-intrusive housing to confer showroom effect and quality feel to every wardrobe.

Domino , is a complete range of solutions :

• Domino exists for two or three door applications.

• Domino exists for different door thicknesses from light to heavy.

• Domino exists for full doors, as well as for framed doors in wood or alumunium.

• Different profiles and all surrounding components complete the Domino offering.

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