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Aero Lift
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Aero Lift

Rp33,100.00 Rp30,900.00

Technical specifications:
• Upwards assisted lifter
• Covers 85°, 90° and 95° angles
• 32 mm standard cabinet drilling
• Assisted opening
• Possible to combine with OneTouch mechanism for handleless application

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Aero is the FGV alternative openings line. Aero application confers a linear and high-end visual appeal to the furniture with a natural and impressive door movement. The complete range of solutions guarantees full accessibility to the cabinet interior, compatibility with low-ceilinged rooms or with large, high-ceilinged spaces, and with cabinet fronts that tilt out and lift upwards.

Linear minimalistic design
Modern kitchen design is linear and minimalist. Large drawers in the base cabinets are asking for corresponding design elements in the wall hanging cabinets. Aero lifter systems are the affordable up-to-date solutions to create a linear look and to enhance the impact of the whole cabinet.

One gesture full access
Aero lifter systems are the response of FGV to give immediate access in one movement to the full space of
wall hanging cabinets. The slim housing and non-invasive look of the products ensures full accessibility to the cabinet content.

Elegant movement
Many applications. Self lifting movement, self holding with fi nal damping for soft closure.

Additional information

Packed in a kit consists of

1 gas spring AeroLift up solution
1 bracket for cabinet
1 bracket for wooden door
1 bracket for aluminium frame
5 selftapping screws Ø3.5×15 mm
2 fl athead selftapping screws Ø3.5×15 mm
Assembly instructions

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